Rebuttal of Riis

This week Dr Soren Riis posted a four part article on in a somewhat belated attempt to defend Vasik Rajlich. Regular readers will recall that Rajlich’s actions led the International Computer GamesAssociation (ICGA) to find him guilty of breaking a crucial tournament rule, as a result of which the chess program Rybka was stripped of its WorldComputer Chess Champion titles and Rajlich was banned for life from ICGA events.

Dr Riis gave his article a title to suggest that a miscarriage of justice has taken place. The ICGA now responds with two rebuttal articles, one by myself (as President of the ICGA) concerning some of the legalistic points raised by Riis’s article, and a robust detailed and thorough technical rebuttal by Mark Watkins.

Everyone interested in the Rybka scandal should read both of these rebuttals and then decide for themselves who and what they believe – Dr Riisor the ICGA’s investigation report.

Dr David Levy President – ICGA

The four parts of the Riis article:,,,

David Levy’s  Rebuttal:

Mark Watkins Technical Rebuttal:

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